Washing Machines

Residential water damage caused by defective washing machine. Shallow depth of field Cg-image.Washing Machine Repair Mornington Peninsula

What’s that burning smell? Clothes are not Clean? Spinning out of Control? Flooded Laundry? Refuses to Start? Sounds like a Jet taking Off?

If these are some of the symptoms of your washing machine, then it sounds like you need to give us a call!

We will get rid of that dirty pile of washing so you don’t have to sit in an old laundromat for hours.

Up to 80% of all washing machine repairs are completed during the first visit.

Any Brand, Top Loader, Front Loader, Combination Washer Dryer we will come to the rescue!

For expert Washing Machine Repairs or Service on the Mornington Peninsula call Peninsula Appliance Service on 0438 304 467